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0 Gravity Rentals has a wide selection of party equipment. You can rent:

  • Battle(Wipeout) Zone, which is a great way for your kids to test their agility and bond with their friends.

  • Mechanical Bull, which is fun for all ages. We use the safest bull on the market.

  • Rock Climbing Wall, to create friendly competition at your party. The weight limit is 250 pounds.

  • Trampoline Bungee Jump, which can safely launch you up to 25 feet. While the weight limit for this rental is 200 pounds, there's no age limit.

  • Walk on Water Balls, which are safe, fun and unique. Your kids will have fun playing in giant water balls and running across the water tubes.

Your guests will thank you for choosing such great party additions. Contact us today to book one of our party equipment rentals.

Kick the Fun Up to 11


Doesn't your special person deserve more than an average party? 0 Gravity Rentals in Englewood, Florida has a variety of party equipment rentals to choose from. We'll give you the perfect party addition to keep your kids laughing and entertained the entire time.

Don't melt under the hot Florida sun. We rent out 16' x 16' tents. You and your kids can take a break anytime under one of our shady tents.

Call 941-468-6216 now to rent our party equipment in Englewood, Florida. We also include the setup cost in your rental fee. 0 Gravity rentals also serves areas from Tampa through Orlando to Miami with out larger equipment rentals.


Battle (Wipeout) Zone

Grab some friends and get ready to test your agility, endurance, and balance against the others as you avoid being knocked off your pedestal by the spinning arm.

$250 Per Hour
Rental Fee Includes Operator


Mechanical Bull

Safe enough for children, yet tough enough for professional riders our Mechanical Bull is always a hit.

$220 Per Hour
Rental Fee Includes Operator

Rock Climbing Wall

Our rock walls are suitable for all ages and include routes for beginner, experienced, and professional rock climbers.

$220 Per Hour
Rental Fee Includes Operator


You're hoisted into the air over a bongo trampoline where every bounce has the potential to launch you up to 25 feet.

$150-$300 Per Hour
Rental Fee Includes Operator

Trampoline Bungee


Walk On Water Balls

Our Walk On Water Balls provide a fun, safe, and unique opportunity for people of ALL ages to experience the feeling of walking on water!

$300 Per Hour
Rental Fee Includes Operator